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Writing Prompt Numero Tree

That’s right, a tree!  Pick a tree and build your story around it.  Be creative.  What is it about this tree?  Does it have healing powers or turn people into zombies?  Can it be used to talk to God, or is the tree a god?

I came up with this prompt the other day and introduced it some people who thought it a little absurd that a story would have a tree as an important symbol of motif.  Let me prove my argument of how a tree can be an important symbol or motif in a story.

  • Eve indulged in the first sin by eating from the tree of life and knowledge and further disobeying God in the Hebrew Bible.
  • It is common that woodland elves be placed in tree type homes.
  • In James Cameron’s Avatar, trees are an important symbol.  They are used sort of like computers to the Na’vi.  With them they can upload and download memories and communicate with their god. 
  • The Night Elves in the highly popular online game World of Warcraft lived in what was known as the World Tree and this tree has offspring called great trees, which are teleportals to the Emerald Dream. 

Don’t count trees out.  They can become an essential part of a story.  Now what’s yours?

Have Fun!

Writing Prompts for the Fantasy Sword Slinger #2

Do you play Dungeons and Dragons?  How about World of WarCraft, Diablo, EverQuest, or have favorite Final Fantasy characters?  If not, research the character creation for these games on the web.  Pick a race, class, and profession and create a back story for them, but no more than three sentences for THREE characters.  Or if you already have characters made, or a favorite FF, please use them.  

Once you are done with this pick one of the quest below and see what kind of story you can come with:

The characters are stranded in a strange place, and must survive by finding food and shelter, and then worry about getting back home.

The characters are minding their own business when they are attacked. They don’t know why. They must solve the mystery of their attacker’s motives, and in the meantime fend off more attacks. They must solve the who is behind this and cut the head off if it to stop.

The characters are on a hunting expedition to capture or kill an elusive and prized creäture. They must deal with they hazard environment, the creatures ability to evade and track them, and the creatures ability to fight them.

A town, castle, starship, outpost, or other civilized constructed site is lying in ruins. Very recently, it was a well established community/place. The characters must enter, explore , and find out what happened.

Pick from one of these four and have fun.  The world is yours.

What you write.

M. Amphet Salt

Writing Prompts Week One

I thought it would be interested throw out unusual writing prompts that you’re not going to find in Writer’s Digest.  I hope to that if you choose do them you will give me some feedback, so that I might market them someday. 

Here is this weeks writing prompt:

In the (noun of your choosing) Forest, The High Priestess of the Elves has ordered all first-born daughters sent into exile (no matter the age of the child).  Those who refuse are executed.  Why has she done this?  What do her subjects think about this?  Is her motives for the good of the people, or for the Priestess to save her own life due to some prophesy?   Who will stand against her and put her back in her proper place as the servant of the people (elves)?  Who will support her?

What do you write!

M. Amphet Salt