What Makes a Good Writer in a 150 Words

A good writer is coherent.  The writer can arrange words on paper with unambiguous meaning and understanding without the reader need read twice.  A good writer understands what he or she writes and uses strong command of language, grammar, and mechanics to imbue the reader with emotional response.  A good writer leaves all questions answered, but will provoke within the reader a strong thought about the mysteries of life, culture, or lifestyle.  Whether the writer’s idea is attained through the median of entertainment of the short story or novel, the informative or argument essay, or the commentary journal piece, the good writer must do so with style, a voice of his or her own that says originality.  The good writer pursues life and combines experience with vivid imagination.  The good writer uses craft to articulate good writing to permeate the reader’s sentiments with ideals of life with originality and imagination.

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